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AGM 24th March 2021

Our 2021 AGM was again be held virtually due to ongoing Coronavirus restrictions.

With a date of Wednesday 24th March, our AGM was held by Zoom facility at 14:00. Links to view relevant documents can be found below. Any queries should be addressed to our Secretary via secretary@friends-of-highland-music.org

AGM 2021 Agenda
Committee Report for 2020

Financial Report for 2020
Minutes of FoHM AGM 2021

Our Committee

The FoHM constitution, which can be viewed through the link below, requires that we have a Committee of up to ten members.  Members are elected at the AGM and serve for a maximum of 2 years at a time although it is open to the AGM to re-elect them.  The elected Committee appoints a Convener, Secretary and Treasurer and the Committee is also able to co-opt additional members for that year.

Following our Committee Meeting on Wednesday 24 March 2021,  Office Bearers were confirmed as follows;

Convener    Moira Leslie

Vice Convener    Dave Greer

Secretary    Rhona MacDonald

Treasurer    Moira Leslie

Membership Secretary    Hanako Cameron

Grants Secretary    Kathreen Hunter

Website Administrator    Dave Greer

Committee Member    Jean Fleetwood

Our Committee normally meets in August and February with all other business dealt with by email.

Our Annual General Meeting is normally held in March each year. 

Minutes of FoHM 2013 AGM

Minutes of FoHM 2014 AGM

Minutes of FoHM 2015 AGM

Minutes of FoHM 2016 AGM

Minutes of FoHM 2017 AGM

Minutes of FoHM 2018 AGM

Minutes of FoHM 2019 AGM

Minutes of FoHM 2020 AGM

Minutes of FoHM 2021 AGM

FoHM Constitution

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